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Bruise Fadeaway



A unique new lotion that helps black and blue bruises disappear in half the time. Superior to natural and drugstore bruise treatments!

It is packaged in a neat purse-size or pocket-size roll-on applicator.

If an immediate mask is desired, a fresh application can be dusted with your favorite face powder.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

What is SatisPHARMA, LLC
SatisPHARMA, LLC is a family-owned (female majority) company specializing in skin care, hoping to deliver HAPPY SKINtm to the world.  I started out making treatments for irritation of my legs due to seasonal  eczema and actinic keratosis.   Our Soothe-It® and EPSOMA® samples were effective in our test market with 750 online samples, but this highly competitive market prompted us to defer marketing.  BRUISE FADEAWAYtm is our first product to market.

We have made progress toward treatment of acne and are working toward all-natural formulations for skin blemishes and for first-aid injuries.  We have big ambitions and hope to be on drugstore shelves in the near future.  More info is available at www.satispharma.net.  I have PhD in chemical engineering , four years as a rocket scientist on the Titan ICBM program, 39 years of laboratory management, 31 patents, and 90 years of productive life.

Ray Hauser, Inventor
and Managing Director

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