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BRUISE FADEAWAY(tm) was developed to help the 80 million folks taking blood thinners and who bruise frequently.  The inventor and his wife are among these.  They and other users have found that nasty superficial bruise can become a pleasant pink within 2-4 days, and are twice as good as drugstore products.

Security of Your Order and Credibility of the Supplier:

 SatisPHARMA LLC does not receive and does not want access to your credit card information.  Financial transactions go through Shopify, a major competitor of Amazon.


We applied BRUISE FADEAWAYtm 3-4 times a day to the two bruises on Connie’s hand, and the wrist bruise was not treated. After four days, the hand bruises were smaller and a pleasant pink color, and the wrist bruise was still an ugly black & blue. After eight days the hand bruises had disappeared (age spots remained) and the wrist bruise was red, darker than the hand bruises at four days. This is proof that BRUISE FADEAWAYtm helps to make bruises disappear in half the normal time.

 Ray Hauser, founder and Managing Director of SatisPHARMA LLC is 89 years old, has degrees in Chemical Engineering, B.S. from University of Illinois in 1950, M.Eng. from Yale University in 1952, and PhD from University of Colorado in Boulder in 1957.  He was Chief Materials Engineer on the Titan ICBM program in 1958 and helped to make its first launches successful.  He has been listed in Marquis Who’s Who in the U.S. since 1996, and in Marquis Who’s Who in the World since 2006. He is named on 30 U.S. Patents and three more are inventions are pending. He was co-founder of Hauser Chemical Research, Inc., one-time supplier of taxol to Bristol-Myers Squibb for treatment of ovarian cancer.  He is a respected expert witness in the courtroom, and has had two moving traffic violations in 70 years of driving.

Our photographs showing fading of bruises are dated, no fakes, no Photoshop.

SatisPHARMA LLC provides a guarantee of satisfaction with our products.  In contrast to competitors, we don’t claim a “Bruise Remedy” or say “Helps Prevent Bruises” and we consider these to be misleading advertising.